Equipment Maintenance and Engineering

Under Container Terminal 3, Equipment Maintenance and Engineering Department was changed to a separate unit in 2000.

Inherited from the repair and maintenance expertise of terminals, it provides comprehensive and specialized maintenance and engineering services to customers.

With its strategic location inside CT3 and ATL Centre, it offers all-weathered workshop for 24-hour operations. Our team is comprised of experienced specialists and well-trained mechanics to deliver efficient services in the following areas:

Power Equipment

Repair and Maintenance Services of Vehicles

  • Tractor
  • Truck
  • Chassis
  • Forklift
  • Any Kinds of Vehicles

Repair and Maintenance Services of Terminal Operations Equipment

  • Bombcart
  • Top Loader
  • Side Loader

Tyre Service

Vehicle Cleaning Service

Vehicle Outside Rescue

  • Steel / Aluminum Container Repair
  • Container Cleaning
  • Iron / Steel Equipment Repair

Reefer Container Box Services

Repair and Maintenance of

  • Generator Sets
  • Refrigeration Engine
  • Trailer Body

Reefer Pre-trip Service

Parts Inventory

Offer Comprehensive Parts Inventory

  • Reefer Parts
  • Power Parts
  • Container Parts

Manage the Inventory by Computerized Control System